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It is a dream many share to be able to go to Las Vegas and spend like the high rollers with all the best drinks and parties you can imagine. People waste away at their jobs with thoughts of how much they wish they could just show up to a major casino and play that ‘perfect’ game where they ‘take the house’ for a huge lump of cash that makes so many of their problems just go away.

You can do that. You can become a high roller. Well, what I really mean is that you can play like one, and you can save the trip to Vegas because the internet makes it possible for you to play blackjack and win thousands from the comfort of your very own home.

So what are the rules of blackjack?

Blackjack, unlike card games such as Texas Hold’em where your objective is to beat the other players, is about you versus the dealer. You and the dealer each start the game with two cards. You will only be able to see one of the dealer’s cards, one will be face up and the other face down. You, on the other hand, will receive both of your cards face up. If you wish to receive more cards, you request to be ‘hit’.

That does not mean the dealer smacks you upside the head, but that you receive a card. Perhaps you have heard the phrase ‘hit me’ before? It is casino slang for requesting another card in blackjack. You are trying to accumulate a card value that is equal to or less than twenty-one. That is determined by the numbers on the cards with a few extra rules. All face cards have a value of ten, and aces have a value of either one or eleven, the player gets to choose. The magical pair of cards to receive is an ace with a card in the value of ten as that grants the player a value of twenty-one, making he or she a winner.

Your other options are what ultimately makes the difference between the big winners and the big losers. If you receive a pair, that is, two cards of equal value, you can split them. This will turn you into two different players, increasing your chances of winning.

Another option is to double, (immediately upon receiving your first two cards) which is, you can double your bet and dramatically increase your chances of winning big money. You will only be able to receive one more card after this move, so be sure you are in a good position.

Some players choose to take insurance, an option the player has when the dealer shows an ace. This means you can pay the Singapore online casino an extra fee and retrieve your lost bet if the dealer shows blackjack. I am not personally a big fan of this style of play. I think you can play aggressively and win big without choosing insurance, fearful of losing too much money. I see it as just another way for the casino to control the game, something that does not favor you as a player.

Once you are ready with your cards all set, you will choose to ‘stand’ which means the dealer will then try to beat you. He or she has the liberty to continue hitting until you lose or until he or she ‘goes bust’ or accumulates a card value in excess of twenty-one.

Those are the rules, now develop a style of play that enables you to realize that dream of winning big and ‘taking the house’ like a high roller. Do not be afraid, be confident. This is a game you can dominate and play very well and win very fast.

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